Main research topics

2007 - Present

  • Head of the leading team (8 PhDs) for the exploitation of IASI data to monitor the atmospheric composition changes.
  • Remote sensing expert for the conception of future satellite missions, with contributions on the definition of the instrument design, along with interaction with industry and spatial agencies, such as the French Spatial Agency CNES (as a PI for the IASI-next generation mission), for the European Space Agency (several concepts of missions submitted to the ESA AO), and for Eumetsat (Sentinel 4/Meteosat Third Generation and Sentinel 5/EPS-SG missions).

1993 - 2007
  • Definition and simulation studies for the IASI satellite mission: development of retrieval algorithms to measure concentration of trace gases from the radiance spectra.
  • First analysis of radiance nadir observation provided by the Japanese IMG/ADEOS mission, in order to derive global distributions for CO and ozone.
  • Data assimilation for atmospheric composition.
  • CO validation for the ACE-FTS Canadian mission.
  • First detection of volcanic plume with the TES/AURA data and from CO pollution arising from cities using the MOPITT/TERRA data.
  • Involved as an author in IPCC and WMO reports.
1989 - 1993
  • Atmospheric spectra analysis and cross sections measurements for important compounds such as HCFs and HFCs (CFCs replacements).
  • Determination of radiative forcings for greenhouse gases.
  • Molecular spectroscopy.